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Eight Ways Puppies Show You Their Love

By David13676 @dogspired

We can’t know for sure what our pups feel. But from every indication, our puppies areEight Ways Puppies Show You Their Love every bit as devoted to us as we are to them. Here are some of the ways they show their love to you.

  • Puppies love with licks. Slurping your hands or—even better—aiming a smooch at your eyes or mouth is a canine declaration that YOU are TOPS with him!
  • Puppies love by rolling over. Besides enjoying a tummy rub, showing their tummy puts puppies in a vulnerable position that declares trust and affection.
  • Puppies love by shaking paws. Dogs often offer a paw just before they roll over. They paw your leg to ask for attention.
  • Puppies love by crawling into your lap. They crave contact with you, and a sign of deep affection and trust can be leaning against you or resting across your feet.
  • Puppies love by napping with you. They show great trust by falling asleep on your lap, and sharing your pillow can be a great treat for you both.
  • Puppies love by chewing your stuff. They target certain objects because they smell like their most beloved person—you.
  • Puppies love with play. They invite you to play, bring you gifts of their favorite toys, and eagerly join in your games.
  • Puppies love with smiles. Some dogs actually learn to “grin” by lifting their lips to show a fun toothy smile to show their happiness and affection.
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