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Eight Experiences That Will Make My Life Awesome (a.k.a My Eight Wish List)

By Bonirulzz @bonirulzz

1) Graduating form Harvard, Stanford or Oxford


Graduating from a premier institute had always been ma dream. After graduating from Nirma, it just got boost up. I said to ma self – ma next college education won’t be just in any other premier college but only in top 5 or top 10 colleges of the world and to the best in any of these three well known colleges – Harvard, Standford or Oxford.

You bet when people ask me why aren’t you pursuing your MBA, I say to them I am saving it for Harvard :P

And yeah you can even find its logo’s on ma wall:-


2) A Nightout in Las Vegas


A dream of any outsider  to enjoy the kind of nightout this place offers. I too want to play high roller poker, i too want to get madly drunk and have a hangover in this wildest city. I too want to go to strip club and thrown some dollars (:P) and much more. Can’t say more as its a strict no no against ma public image :P

3) A Nightout in Macau


Okay, I have heard a lot about macau as the next destination to Las vegas, and yeah I don’t want to miss the fun this place has to offer

4) Sky Diving

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