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Effective SEO Techniques To Raise Your Site Traffic

Posted on the 16 November 2018 by Burim Bekteshi @AllSEOBasics

Latest SEO Techniques 2018

SEO Techniques: As we know, using proper search engine optimization techniques significantly increases the level of traffic and ranking.
Therefore, it would be a reasonable trick to use effective SEO techniques to increase your website traffic. 
In this write-up, you will learn some of the best SEO techniques that will help improve the optimization of your website and traffic. 
These are precise SEO strategies that have helped to increase your organic search engine traffic.

SEO Techniques

Effective SEO Techniques To Raise Your Site Traffic

Understanding and meeting the needs of your target audience can significantly increase your website traffic and overall conversion rate.
Obviously, thousands or even millions of people are searching for your site, even if you don’t know.
You wonder how your competition can beat you up with SEO.
Using best practices and basic skills to improve your website with SEO really cannot be considered as effective as some of the best practices.
Here are some advanced SEO techniques that you can use to improve your sites.
It is well known that website traffic is mainly related to search queries, which only requires the need for high-quality search engine optimization.
So here are the advanced SEO techniques that you should immediately implement in order to increase the speed of visitors you receive, search traffic and conversion rate.
Want to succeed in SEO, where practice begins with avoiding the bad habits of the pasting Eliminate inefficient practices and replace them with strategic tactics that will be content oriented.
Here, are Effective SEO Techniques To Boost Your Site Traffic:

1. Keywords Strategic Approach

Without proper keyword research, any SEO campaign is doomed to failure. 

Keyword research lays the groundwork and lays the foundation for an SEO campaign. 

Take a vague key phrase like "mobile phone features". 

This can be used by people who are looking for information about general mobile phone features. 

But a specific keyword phrase, such as “iphone7 mobile phone features,” is likely to be chosen by someone who is willing to know about the latest iphone7 features.

Many people use phrases with keywords, so these must be as specific as possible for your company and have a light, conversational sound, and not an advertising atmosphere.
Just think about how you search for things on the Internet.
However, it may be more important than choosing a specific phrasing, that, it does not become slow because of the temptation to achieve perfection in optimizing keywords for each text fragment of the content that you publish.
Although keywords are the basis for effective understanding and competition for a target market, an attempt to search for a search engine ranking.
Instead, use the long tail approach to keywords, consistently publish as much amazing content as possible that will include keywords, and you will capture traffic with a long tail.
This type of traffic tends to come from keywords that you will probably never find at the research stage, and which often become more targeted, leading to better conversion rates.

2. Strictly Adhere To The Rule of Originality.

The uniqueness of content is always vital to rule on major search engines. 
More the original your content, it will be highly appreciated by Google and prefer to show on top results. 
On the other hand, duplicate content or the same text content used with two different URL’s is always avoided on top searches. 
This also results in spoiling the rating of your company too. 
So, before publishing any content SEO expert must have good knowledge of various plagiarism tracking websites and software.

3. Strategically Customize Navigation And Internal Links.

The navigation style of your website plays an important role in determining the importance of each page on major search engines. 
Use more often pages linked to your sites, as the page rank it will have a great impact on website ranking with sooner effect
As, most SEO specialist and business owners have no idea how their internal link flow is structured and are often surprised to find out that irrelevant pages or those that never stand a chance of a high level in search engine results, most of their PageRank site. 
This provides great room for improvement with relatively little effort.
To optimize your site’s navigation, internal linking and PageRank, start by checking these items with a tool such as SiteLiner or Screaming Frog
Use output to identify pages that are irrelevant or have little content that receives a large number of inbound links. 
Then use the special no index code on these pages to tell search engines not to index these pages and add no-follow code for all links to them to keep the PageRank stream. 
This has the same effect as turning off a valve with flowing water: it redirects the flow of PageRank to pages that really matter.

4. Optimization of Site Elements on Your Site

Although title tags are still important for SEO purposes, meta descriptions have lost their influence in the ranking algorithm. 

However, the descriptions provide the perfect place to use some talents in marketing by creating a compelling copy that attracts clicks from the search results page.

Tag headers and meta descriptions must be present on every page of your site and must be relevant and optimized.
Too short or too long headlines and descriptions can be detrimental to the efforts of SEO, so it is best to conduct an audit of your site to identify any major problems with these elements.
Other elements on the page that are included in the ranking algorithm include H1 tags, content length, internal and external links, ads, markers, images, and text formatting.

5. Optimize The Loading Speed of Your Site.

The speed of loading the site is a factor in the ranking of search engines, and also affects the rate of conversion of visitors to customers. 
Amazon has calculated that increasing the page load speed by one second will cost the company $ 1.6 billion in case of loss of sales per year. 
Other studies have shown that 40 percent of website visitors leave the site to download which takes more than three seconds. 
Most webmasters do not make enough effort to optimize the download speed of your site.Start by checking the download time of your site using a tool such as Pingdom which will give you a breakdown of each element and how long it will take to load. 
Use this information to optimize images or code fragments causing long download times. 
Upgrading your host from a shared server to a dedicated or virtual private network (VPN) can significantly reduce boot time.

6. Never Prefer Paid Links

As the quantity and quality of incoming links have a significant impact on site rankings, the temptation to buy links on other sites is strong. 
But buying and selling links is tied to the Google Masters Guide. 
In addition, search engines are now very well versed in suspicious, manipulative or unnatural links.
If you buy or sell links, the search engines ranking on your site may drop significantly. 
Save your money and instead spend it on creating content that will earn or attract external links on your own merit. 
For concrete examples on how to create and publish content that naturally receives incoming links.

7. Be Natural

If you feel that you need to put a keyword into a proposal, you approach SEO with the wrong mind. 
While keyword density was a popular concept five years ago, now it doesn't matter. 
Instead, focus on creating content that your readers find valuable. 
If the proposal sounds unnatural because you are trying to optimize it for search engines, change it.
Search engines will break down more than ever before, filled with keywords so this tactic can lead to your ratings falling and annoying anyone who tries to read your content, killing your credibility.

Final Words

SEO expert’s efforts towards ranking any websites are most valuable. 
Proper SEO can improve the visibility of any site on the major search engine’s top results. 
After all, SEO is all about improving the usability and user interface of your site. 
Any changes that will make your visitors happier are more likely to make search engines happier. 
Therefore, SEO really makes people happy, and this should make us happy.

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