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Edward Snowden Gives Tips on How to Create Better Passwords

Posted on the 11 April 2015 by Nrjperera @nrjperera

The better your passwords get it’s harder to remember. This is the problem with security these days. Online services ask you to craft a password that includes numbers, capital letters and symbols, but who could actually remember such a password. Everyone’s favorite former NSA agent has a solution for this problem.


“The best advice here is to shift your thinking from Passwords to Passphrases,” says Snowden. “Think about a common phrase that works for you. That’s too long to brute-force and also make them unlikely to be in the dictionary.”

When asked about passwords during John Olliver’s recent interview, Snowden provided this helpful tip on coming up with better passwords, or passphrases, that you can actually remember. For example, a password like “margaretthatcheris110%SEXY” is a tough passphrase that you can easily remember.

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If you’re still having trouble remembering long passwords, try switching to a password manager like LastPass, which securely remembers all your passwords for you.

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