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Economic Terrorists

Posted on the 14 December 2012 by Jobsanger
Economic Terrorists The American public seems to think that the only danger this country faces is from outside groups (like international terrorists). But really, those kinds of terrorists can't do much, especially when the FBI and CIA are doing their jobs. But there is a far more dangerous and insidious group, that can do far more damage to far more people (and the FBI and CIA can do nothing about them). It's the congressional teabaggers, who are nothing more than economic terrorists.
These economic terrorists have allowed corporations to get by without paying taxes, cut taxes for the rich, deregulated Wall Street, weakened unions, kept the minimum wage extraordinarily low, allowed businesses to pollute our soil and water and air, rewarded companies for outsourcing jobs to other countries, blocked all efforts to create new jobs, blocked efforts to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, caused a lowering of the government's bond rating, and created the largest and most sustained recession since the Great Depression.
These economic terrorists have negatively impacted the lives of millions of Americans -- leading to more poverty, a disappearing middle class, and the widest gap between the rich and the rest of America since the 1920's. And now they want to do even worse, just so the Wall Street bankers and corporate bigwigs of the military industrial complex can fatten their already bloated bank accounts. They are destroying this country, and doing far more damage than any terrorist bomber could ever do.
And there is only one group that can control them -- American voters. We're stuck with these vicious economic terrorists for a couple of years, but keep your eye on them and watch them as they try to damage this country more than they already have -- and then vote them out of power in 2014.

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