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ECG Device for Your Cell Phone, iPhone and Android Devices

Posted on the 25 February 2013 by Ironcomet @Ironcomet

Wow, this is really neat. It is a ECG (Electro-Cardio Gram) device that fits onto an iPhone. It is built by a company called AliveCor and its its called the AliveCor Heart Monitor. It will collect the data directly from the device and share it with the app on the iPhone. This data can then be shared with physicians. This allows for a whole range of uses. One is for much easier ECGs to be performed in the physician offices. It also allows for patients to perform their ECGs at home and share the data collected with their physician remotely.

This could really open up remote medicine in the coming years. This device would allow physicians to remotely monitor the progress of their patients. Imagine not having to go into the doctor’s office so often. Your data could just be sent to the physician securely via the Internet for them to review. This would also allow the patient to be anywhere. The device will save the data and upload it later if there is no internet connection present.

Uh oh. Does this mean our healthcare could be outsourced to India as well??? Let’s hope not.

Here’s how it works -

There are electrodes on the back of the case that a patient will hold onto. A finger from each hand holds onto one of the two electrodes. The app on the phone, aliveECG, then senses the contact with the skin of the fingers from the sensors. Once an acceptable connection has been made, the ECG will begin. The app is able to take 30 seconds up to a continuous amount of data. The device has been shown to be extremely accurate and with its portability, make it a very effective addition to today’s 12 lead ECG machines.

The Heart Monitor uses a 3.0V coin battery that will take approximately 10,000 30 second ECGs before needing to be replaced.

The App allows for secure storage of your ECG readings. You can save readings for later viewing, add annotations to them, or delete them outright.

AliveCor was invested in by Qualcom to help make sure this device, and others, are brought to the market.

AliveCor’s Heart Monitor has been cleared by the FDA for sale in the United States. It is currently priced at $199. The app, aliveECG, is in the Apple AppStore is currently free.

This can be purchased by physicians and patients with a prescription. Let me say that again, as cool as this is, you will need a prescription to buy one.

For more information about the device or to buy one, go here -

An Android device is in the works but no release date has been set.

Hey, what about an iPad version? Then physicians could use it with their EMRs as well… EMRs like Medisoft Clinical? Just a thought.

Here’s a pic of the unit in action -

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