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Ebay Outfit of the Day

By Bella @fashioncultblog
ebay outfit 2ebay outfit of the dayebay outfit of the dayebay outfit of the dayebay outfit of the daySo in love with this bubble bag, i remember my cousin having one back in the 90's and thinking it was so cool! I don't think i would ever actually take it out with me because i would probably look like a ten year old, but i think it would look amazing in a 90's inspired fashion shoot! 
I'm currently on a spending band until 15th October (wish me luck), i'm hoping it will help me narrow down my ever-growing wishlist as when the month is up i can review my list and decide what i'm still lusting after & then decide on the things i can live without! I'm just trying to minimize impulse purchases as at the moment i've got into a rut of buying things i think i like but then i wake up the next day hating it - so in a non rambly sentance "i'm trying to conserve valuable wardrobe space only for clothes i loveee"

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