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Ebay Bargains/purchases August

By Jess_kemp @JessicaJKemp
Seeing as my LIFE is purchased from eBay I thought I would gradually show you things I find, and buy! So here's a few thing's i've seen recently and thought were good little bargains, click the links below to send you straight to the 'buy it now' price before they sell out! 
1) Today I purchased the glittery socks from Urban Outfitters (they are AMAZING). You may have seen them on my Instagram/twitter. But they were £8 which I personally think are so much for a pair of socks. They are super duper cute though. But when I got home I found these ones which are nearly just as nice and are only £1.50 with free postage! So much better then the UO ones. 
2) So obviously this dress is everywhere at the moment, and has sold out in all stores making it mega high on eBay, BUT I found this seller selling them for just £25 including postage, mine hasn't arrived yet so i'm not sure how similar it looks but i'll definitely let you know what it's like when it arrives and how it fits ect. It may be too good to be true...
3) I purchased the Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane boot recently AGHH amazinggggg, but I found these cute copies from a Chinese seller which look quite cute if you want the grungey chunky look without spending Jeffrey Campbell dollar bills. They are just £28.99 including postage so you can't really go wrong! If anyone gets them let me know the quality when you receive them :)
4) Don't pay extortionate Topshop prices for little accessories like this when they are ALL available from eBay at a fraction of the price and just as good quality. The only downside is you have to wait a little longer for it to be shipped but no biggy. These collar tips are just £3.99 with free postage. 
5) Ok so not really fashion related but I just purchased this iPhone cover. It's an etcher sketcher cool can a cover get? It's the best thing i've seen in so long and is just under £6
Let me know if you found this helpfull or if you buy any of the above!

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