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Eating To Live, Or Living to Eat

By Chuck Underwood @brandnewvegan

Photo by Emran Kassim, courtesy of Flickr

There was a popular post in one of the FB Groups I follow, where a person who was new to this way of eating, was having a lot of trouble sticking with it.

They’ve read the books, watched the videos, etc etc…..but complained they were stuck eating the same ‘stuff’ every day and was getting bored with it.

I’ve noticed times I’ve cooked a really good meal, where everyone absolutely LOVED the food, but then the leftovers would sit in the fridge for days, only to eventually get thrown out.

“I thought you liked it?”
“Oh I DID! I just want something different today” or
“I can’t eat the same thing every day”

I for one, don’t seem to have this problem.

When I was working nights, I would make a big pot of my Best Damn Chili at the beginning of my work week, and eat it for lunch (and sometimes dinner too), every single night until it was gone.

Did it get boring?

Sometimes….. but what’s more important?

Eating to Live, or Living to Eat?

Think back to what Dr. McDougall always says about the Kings and Queens of our past…..

Kings and Queens of old ‘lived to eat’ – (parties, extravagant feasts, banquets, tons of meat (because vegetables were considered ‘peasant food), etc. etc.

While the peasants on the other hand, “ate to live” (or survive), usually whatever greens, fruits, and veggies they could find, barter, or grow.

Who was healthier?

My point is – this new way of eating can get a whole lot easier if people could just get used to eating similar foods every day.

If it’s good, nutritious, and gives you everything your body needs….eat it!  So what if you just had it yesterday, eat it again.

You’re eating to nourish your body – not anything else !

vegan gravy

Best Ever Fat Free Vegan Gravy | Brand New Vegan

Look at SpudFit who ate potatoes every day.
Look at billions of Asians who eat rice every day (and usually every meal).

Do they get bored?

if your potatoes get boring – try topping them with different condiments.

Try ketchup one day and salsa the next, or try mustard even (which is REALLY good with sauerkraut btw…) or my homemade brown gravy……

Change it up!

Eating this way DOES get easier…..but you got to stick to it long enough to see that first change…..either on the scales, or in your cholesterol count, or Blood Pressure……

Once you get to THAT point? From then on it’s smooth sailing.

Hang in there.


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