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| Eating Our Way Round London

By India Struthers @India_Alexandra

La Fromagerie , LondonWelcome to La Fromagerie, situated on Moxon Street just off Marylebone High Street; this was our first stop of our “eating tour” as we (mamma & I) spent our day in L-town.  Arriving at KX, hot footing it over to Oxford Circus we dashed into Joe & the Juice to enjoy a warming cup of green tea, it was chilly and drizzly and pretty miserable weather wise. Me being the optimist that I am decided to dress for summer (luckily though I did wear some socks), and let’s just say that my high optimism for warm weather didn’t come to reality. I was cold. Anyhoo, after seeing my magical Roberto we were both feeling rather peckish so wandered down Marylebone High St and wandered into La Fromagerie. Good choice. We walked in, and took a seat around the corner in the “back room” where I had this excellent view of all their baked goods, including all that delicious looking bread. I was looking forward to reading what the menu had to offer. This is precisely what I was thinking. And this wall only made me realize just how “parched” I was. Definitely time to fulfill those demands I think, don’t you? ...

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