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Eat Right and Exercise

By Chuck Underwood @brandnewvegan

If we’ve heard this once we’ve heard it a million times, Eat Right and Exercise. But as simple as it may sound, people still don’t get it right.

eat right

Photo by Trish Hall

Instead, I know a LOT of people who think it’s the other way around.

Exercise…..and eat “kinda ok”, and “it’s ok if I slip once in awhile because I’m exercising.” 

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong Wrong. WRONG.

How do I know?  Remember Bob Harper?  The fitness guru from The Biggest Loser?  Just one look at him told you he was at the very top of his game when it came to fitness.   But with his high-fat diet, his arteries told a completely different story.

He died.

He had a sudden heart attack, in the gym, and DIED.  Luckily for him, someone was there to bring him back with a defibrillator.

I know, I know, he says his heart condition was due to a genetics.  Maybe it was.  But what I DO know is this:  You cannot eat a high-fat, low-carb diet and not put yourself at risk for heart disease.  There are just too many studies, doctors, and cardiologists who say otherwise.

As they say in the movie “Forks Over Knives”….

“You Can’t Outrun Your Fork”


Eat Right and Exercise

Botton line, you simply have GOT to fix your food first.

You’ve got to put the EAT RIGHT part of the saying first.

And you do that by:

  • Getting rid of the fast food and processed junk foods
  • Getting rid of the animal protein
  • Getting rid of the eggs and the dairy
  • Getting rid of the added fats and oils
  • And ADDING plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to your diet.

Exactly the type of food you see here on BNV.

And when you do that first?  Well the photo of my friend Trish at the top of this page says it all.  Those unwanted pounds of fat will literally start to melt away.

But You DO Need Some Exercise

Eat Right and Exercise

My own progress since I started walking every day…

“Chuck, I’ve been eating this way for months and I’m simply NOT losing weight….what am I doing wrong?”

I hear that at least once a week, either in my own Facebook Group or others I follow.  And the simple answer is this.

  1. First, make sure you are REALLY eliminating the oils and fats from your diet as many processed foods have hidden oils and fats.  Look at those labels and learn to read them.
  2. And second, get up off your butt and MOVE.

I’m not saying you need to go join a gym or hire a personal trainer, but you DO need to move.  We as humans are not meant to just sit behind a desk all day and then come home to sit on a couch the remainder.

Walking is an easy first step and can be done by anybody, anywhere.

NOTE:  Obviously, if you have physical limitations or are severely obese – please see your doctor first before starting any kind of exercise routine. 

But if you are able – by all means put on those tennies and get moving.

I walk EVERY morning, even if it’s just around the block.  Start slow and build up to longer distances.  And you don’t necessarily need a walking trail nearby to get in your steps.

Speaking of which, almost every smartphone these days has a built in ap for counting your steps.  USE IT.  Set a goal of 3000 steps a day, then 6000, 10,000, etc.  There are LOTS of ways to get in your steps if you plan ahead.

  • Walk around your block
  • Park further away from your job entrance or grocery store and walk  the extra steps.
  • Here’s one, maybe walk those extra few steps to actually put your grocery cart back into the cart corral instead of leaving it in the parking spot.  (sorry – pet peeve)
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Walk your grocery store – use a cart if you need one for balance but walk from one side to the other

And if walking isn’t your thing – try something else.

Many places offer free Tai Chi or Yoga Classes.  Check your town’s Chamber of Commerce or Senior Center to see what they have to offer.

Go dancing, ride your bike, join a gym, walk, jog, yoga, something……..  do jumping jacks in your living room…….just do something!


Remember:  Eat Right, AND Exercise…..  in that order…..and you will soon be shopping for new clothes too.

And with that said, time for THIS guy to get off of HIS butt and walk around Costco.  I hear they have a Vitamix on sale 🙂 

Good luck!


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