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Eat Beautiful: Nourish Your Skin From The Inside Out

By Rolala @rolalaloves
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"I'm a big believer in nurturing not only the outer skin, but also what lies beneath - our organs and intestines. What's happening in our outer skin - the skin we can see - is often a reflection of the health of our insides; our organs are hugely hardworking and important in their own right. If you don't service the car, it's not going to work well. Skincare is important, of course, but eating a range of good quality, skin friendly foods - seasonal and organically produced when possible - will provide the best foundation. This will ensure your skin has a healthy glow."Wendy Rowe
The saying "you are what you eat" is one of those that I really believe and that's why this book appealed to me. Despite my undeniable love for pizza, I generally try to follow a balanced diet because what you put into your body contributes as much to your overall appearance and wellbeing as well as what you put onto it.

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