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Eat Banana for Healthy Life, Diet & Treatment for Your Constipation, Anemia & Depression

By Itzmealie @ideasonclick

benefits of eating banana for healthy life diet & breakfastBanana is very important for healthy life and is a leading fruit of athletes for decades, due to its energy boosting qualities.

Banana gives substantial boosts of energy to our body, as it contains three types of natural sugars, sucrose, fructose & glucose.

2 bananas a day provides the enough energy for 1.5 hours workout.


In depression a banana can make you feel much better due to a tryptophan proteins that banana provides our body. This kind of proteins change the mood, make us feel happy and gives relaxation. Banana contains vitamin B6 that boosts the happiness in human beings.


Banana helps in Anemia, as it is enriched with iron and increases the hemoglobin production in our blood.

Reduces Blood Pressure & Strokes:

Due to be low in salt and high potassium, Banana reduces the chances of blood pressure and strokes.

Increases the Human Memory:

Banana increase the brain power and human memory due to its high potassium quality.


Banana is fiber rich fruit, so it reduces the changes of constipation and restores the normal digestive system of human body. But the condition is you will have to take at least two bananas at a time. Don’t eat single banana. Always eat even in numbers.

Reduces pressure & calms the nervous system:

It helps in calming the nervous system, especially under high pressures in office. Because studies say that carbohydrate foods reduces the pressure and calms the nervous system.

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