Easy Way to Learn Programming in 2021 & Beyond

Posted on the 21 June 2021 by Pursso1 @pursso123

 Easiest Way to learn to program

Easy Learn Programming 2021 Beyond

You are an IT student and you know your career is in the IT field. Everyone doesn’t have the power to learn to program quickly and effectively and you might be the one searching for the easiest way to learn to program.

Well, learning programming is something like learning a new language. It also has basics to advance syntax, structure, and logic which we can relate with grammar and vocabulary in natural language.

Remember the first day you used a dictionary to learn English words and it surprises me with new pronunciation, word structure and later on, I find the grammar was even tough.

So do programming languages surprises us with their syntax and logic. But it might be easier than we thought

The first step

The first step or one of the key factors to learn programming effectively is by developing a strong mindset. If you think you can master the new language then definitely you can learn to code and developing.

Also, taking this as fun and being curious about the syntax and concept allows you to remember the code faster than expected. It’s always easy to remember and understand something for which you have passion and interest. You never forget the story and lyrics of your favorite show or music. Right?

So, having an extra love for programming can help you learn it effectively and efficiently.

The second step

With the right mindset and passion, you started learning it. It still disturbs you from efficient learning. So, what next?

You know you are capable of solving a real-life problem. Forget about learning programming for a while. Take a small break, less stress, and less pressure from programming. And start solving the real-life problem you or someone you know faced recently. Make a flowchart or a process to sure the issue. Start from the small and simpler problem. Later on start working on some complex problem which needs logic, condition, and repetition.

Then you will feel much better about programming tasks and their logic.

The third one

Object-Oriented Programming

OOP is the vital thing in programming world famous programming languages like C++, Java, Python, javascript uses the OOP concept to develop a system. Only c programming is Subject oriented programming language. Class & Object are still the foundation for programming. A clear understanding of these topics allows you to learn any programming language.

Once you learn the concept of Object-Oriented Programming, you will understand the foundation of all programming languages. Even after mastering one language you can easily jump or switch your career to another one with very little effort and time.

Start with Online videos and tutorials

Well, knowledge is something that we can easily get through the internet. So you might want to check popular social channels for learning and developing some initial foundation for programming. There are gurus on every social channel providing programming knowledge for free. Never miss their content.

Also, read some blogs on programming concepts and logic to have a better understanding of the topics.

Online tutorials like W3schools not only teach you the syntax and foundation but also have a compiler to compile the code written by you. Effective usage of these tools allows you to gain knowledge starting from the basics.

Online forum sites like quora, Q&A sites like StackOverflow are the best places to know how people successfully cracked the door to become successful programmers. You might relate their story and example along with inspiration and motivation.

Time to be a developer for yourself.

Think about a project or a system that you always wanted on your phone and computers. Not the complex one but a simpler yet good enough to use what you’ve learned in that time.

To complete the project effectively you need to have clear steps, conditions, and something. Document all of them in a way you understand which programmer calls a Flowchart. Based on the chart, look after code and logic to incorporate it into your system. Try, Test, and decide if it works or not. If it works jump to another section and repeat the process to make your first system.

Find a tutor in the physical location

All after this look for a good IT Training institute near to learn some advance practice of programming and its implementation. The tutor has expertise in specific programming and will be giving some expert suggestions on how to learn and utilize the code creatively to make a fully working application.

One of my friends learned SQL from w3school and then took Java Training at TechAxis allowing him to find his dream java developer role in a reputed IT company. He first masters the database and then jumps to coding to use and manipulate the database. These steps helped him a lot to be a perfect programmer.

Never stop learning

 Well, a 7 years experienced software engineer in javaScript Developer job holder told me that he still wants to learn C if he gets the opportunity to learn from a highly experienced C programmer. So, we are never complete in terms of our knowledge, expertise, and experience. Life is all about learning so is your career. So, get a specific time daily for practicing, and finding the new idea for development.

Also, understanding how the system was made that you are using today is another method of solving a big problem with programming. Always look for new concepts, and ideas to do better in the programming field. Connect with another professional in your field share ideas and then grow together.


Learning programming is not easy for almost everyone, some find their way and some can’t and then decide to quit. Never do that. If someone can do it, you can also do that. Instead, find some creative and easy way to learn programming that differentiates the way 

of understanding and implementation  from the rest

Few ideas are still out there which have not been discovered. Take this learning as passion or your favorite show for faster yet excellent learning.

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