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Easy Valentine Craft for Toddlers

By Hemapriya Natesan @MyLittleMoppet

Valentine's Day is this weekend, and it's not a day restricted to lovebirds - everyone can join in the fun! If you have little kids at home, this is a great opportunity to make something to gift Grandma or Grandpa, who'll adore a gift made by those little hands! Since we want it to be an enjoyable time for everyone, we're keeping it simple with an easy Valentine card that even toddlers can make!

Easy Valentine Craft for Toddlers

Materials Needed:

  • Chart paper in a light color, preferably white, light pink or purple
  • Colored paper in pink, purple or red
  • Pink or red pom pom balls
  • Scissors and glue


1. Gather all your materials. Cut out two rectangles from chart paper, and fold them to make cards.

Easy Valentine Craft for Toddlers

2. Cut out two heart shapes from colored paper. They should be just big enough to fit on the card.

Easy Valentine Craft for Toddlers

3. Stick a heart on each card. Your toddler can help here.

4. Now spread glue liberally all over the heart, taking care to cover the edges as well.

5. Start sticking the pom pom balls on the glue. This is going to be great fun for your little one! Continue till the hearts are completely covered. You can use pink or red. We used both and made two cards.

Easy Valentine Craft for Toddlers

Now write a little message inside the card, and ask your toddler to sign it by writing his name. All that's left to do is gift it to Grandma!

This is a really easy craft to make, and the only thing you may have to buy are pom poms in these colors. It doesn't really matter, you can just as well use different colors to make a multicolored heart. After all, love encompasses all colors!!

Lots of Love,

Easy Valentine Craft for Toddlers

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