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Easy Tiger

By Monetm1218 @monetmoutrie
Picture So I didn't wake up yesterday to run around my apartment, snatching up clothes and throwing together a poorly aligned sandwich (you know what I'm talking about...tomatoes are sliding out of one side, a thick glob of mustard pools near the northern crust.)
No, I woke up and went to acupuncture.
Then, I decided to go to work late.
And when you go to work late, you revel in the freedom of making a less-than-practical choice.
So you make another.
I stopped by Easy Tiger yesterday because I wanted a croissant and a 3 dollar cup of coffee. This bake shop and beer garden has been getting buzz for months...and it finally opened on Monday.
I walked through the doors and saw this....a wall decorated in loaves and pretzels and baguettes.
I ordered. I admired the GORGEOUS bakery--who know ovens could gleam so brightly?-and then I peeled back layer after layer of my perfectly laminated croissant. 

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