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Easy Potato Chickpea Curry

By Chuck Underwood @brandnewvegan

I get asked all the time where my Indian dishes are! Well here's an Easy Potato Chickpea Curry with tender potatoes, hearty chickpeas, and aromatic spices in a creamy coconut-flavored oat milk broth. 😋

bowl of easy potato chickpea curry with rice

This recipe is similar to my very first Indian recipe I tried - my Spiced Potato Curry but with bolder spices and the addition of some oat milk. I chose oat milk because it is thick and creamy much like coconut milk but without all of that artery-clogging saturated fat.


Why I Love This Easy Potato Chickpea Curry

bowl of easy potato chickpea curry with rice

100% Vegan, Oil-Free, & Gluten-Free: Like all of my recipes, this is made without any animal products or bottled oils and happens to be gluten-free as well.

One-Pot dish for easy cleanup: I know I hate washing multiple appliances and pans when making a dish. Don't you? No need with this one! One pot baby!

Super EASY to make: Seriously, you add stuff to a big pot and turn on the burner. Easy peasy. You DO probably want to stir it now and then 🤣.

No Amazon searches for weird ingredients: Everyday pantry ingredients that a lot of you already have.

Made WITHOUT coconut milk - less saturated fat: I know coconut milk tastes amazing in a curry - but oh Lord the FAT! And most of it is artery-clogging saturated fat. So I used oat milk and a little coconut extract. Close enough for me.

Notable Ingredients & Substitutions

ingredients for easy potato chickpea curry

Curry Powder

Curry powder is really not used in Indian cooking....what a shocker right? It's actually a British invention to invoke the 'essence' of Indian cooking. But for our purposes here, good ol' McCormicks Curry Powder will work fine. If you want a bolder flavor you could use Garam Masala instead.


You know I'm a spice head right? If a little heat is not your thing, feel free to cut back or omit.

Oat Milk

Many curry recipes use coconut milk to create their smooth, creamy sauces. But coconut milk is basically the fat that rises after the coconut meat is ground and boiled in water, and most of that fat is saturated fat, the kind that clogs your arteries. So I decided to use oat milk instead due to its thick and creamy texture. Almond or soy milk will work fine but realize your sauce will probably be a lot thinner.

Coconut Extract

Look for this in your spice aisle in your grocery store, next to the vanilla extract. I use a little in this recipe to get some coconut flavor.

*See the recipe card at the bottom of the page for exact quantities and detailed cooking directions.

How To Make Easy Potato Chickpea Curry

easy potato chickpea curry process shot 1

Step 1

Sauté the Aromatics

Dice your onion and mince your garlic and ginger. Then using a little veggie broth, sauté your onion just until it softens, then add your garlic and ginger.

easy potato chickpea curry process shot 2

Step 2

Toast the Spices

Whisk all of the spices together and mix with the onions. Allow to toast for 1-2 minutes to release all of their wonderful flavors. It's ok to add a splash of broth if needed.

easy potato chickpea curry process shot 3

Step 3

Add The Potatoes

Wash your potatoes and cube them, then toss them with the spices until they are uniformly coated.

easy potato chickpea curry process shot 4

Step 4

Add The Chickpeas

Rinse and drain your chickpeas and add them to the pot. Mix well. Note: Some people save the bean juice (aquafaba) for other recipes.

easy potato chickpea curry process shot 5

Step 5

Add The Broth, Lemon, & Tomatoes

Stir in the veggie broth, lemon juice, and canned tomatoes and mix well.

easy potato chickpea curry process shot 6

Step 6

Add The Oat Milk & Coconut

Whisk the coconut extract into the milk and add it to the pot. Increase the heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Note: Add a slurry of 1 Tbs cornstarch & 1 Tbs water to thicken if desired.

Serving Ideas

rustic no-knead bread

Serve your curry with or over rice and I like a little cilantro for garnish. If you like Naan bread that would also be a good accompaniment and for an oil-free bread check out my Rustic No Knead Bread Recipe.


What's Wrong with Coconut Milk?

In short: it's high in fat and mostly saturated fat.
Here are 2 different doctor's opinions about consuming coconut milk.
Dr. Michael Klaper
Dr. Michael Greger

How Long Does This Keep in the Fridge?

4 or 5 days easily. But if in doubt - throw it out! It also freezes wonderfully.

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Easy Potato Chickpea Curry

Easy Potato Chickpea Curry Recipe

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  • Author: Chuck Underwood
  • Easy Potato Chickpea Curry
    Prep Time:
    15 min
  • Easy Potato Chickpea Curry
    Cook Time:
    20 min
  • Easy Potato Chickpea Curry
    Total Time:
    35 minutes
  • Easy Potato Chickpea Curry
    8-10 servings
  • Easy Potato Chickpea Curry
  • Easy Potato Chickpea Curry
  • Easy Potato Chickpea Curry
  • Easy Potato Chickpea Curry
Easy Potato Chickpea Curry
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Easy Potato Chickpea Curry
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Easy Potato Chickpea Curry! Tender potatoes, hearty chickpeas, and aromatic spices in a creamy coconut-flavored oat milk broth. 😋


  • 1 med onion, diced
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 tsp ginger, minced
  • 4 tsp curry powder
  • 2 tsp cumin
  • 1 ½ tsp paprika
  • 1 tsp cayenne (optional)
  • ½ tsp allspice
  • 2 lbs Yukon gold potatoes, cubed
  • 1 (15 oz) can chickpeas, rinded & drained
  • 1 (15 oz) can diced tomatoes
  • 1 cup low-sodium vegetable broth
  • 1 Tbs lemon juice
  • 2 cups oat milk
  • 2 tsp coconut extract
  • cilantro for garnish
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  1. Using a large soup pot or Dutch Oven, sauté the diced onions with a little veg broth until softened. 
  2. Stir in the garlic & ginger and simmer for 30 seconds. 
  3. Whisk all of the spices together and stir them into the onions.  Allow to toast for 1 minute. 
  4. Add the cubed potatoes and stir well so they are evenly coated with the spices. 
  5. Add the chickpeas and stir. 
  6. Add the veg broth, lemon juice, and tomatoes and stir
  7. Whisk the coconut extract with the oat milk and stir into the pot 
  8. Increase heat to simmer for 20 minutes to until potatoes are tender


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Easy Potato Chickpea Curry

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