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Easy Easter Entertaining: Gooey Marshmallow Puffs

By Linsibrownson @CleverSpark

Gooey-Marshmallow-Puffs-Easter-Entertaining-Simple-Recipe-Holiday-Rolls-Bread-Baking-1This year, we’re having Easter at my in-laws and I (Kristina) am always at a loss for what to bring when entertaining. Not being the most skilled cook in the family (I leave that to my Italian husband), I had a light bulb moment when I remembered pinning something to my holiday board last fall – gooey, doughy, sticky, yummy (and overall delightful-looking) marshmallow crescent puffs. Seeing that there would be no measuring involved and that I had just about every ingredient, it was destiny – and maybe pure laziness – that brought us together.

The basic ingredients: large marshmallows, one can of crescent roll dough (makes 8), melted butter, a cinnamon + sugar blend, wax paper and a cookie sheet. The idea is simple – dip each marshmallow in hot butter, roll it around in cinnamon/sugar, then place it in the middle of the dough triangle (pinching shut any openings to prevent any ‘mallow goodness from leaking out – *Note…this happened to me, but by the fine art of amateur food staging, you know nothing).



Once they were finished baking (12 minutes at 350 degrees), I let the puffs cool and took them off the baking sheet. If you’ve done the job perfectly, the insides will be (well, inside) but don’t fret if there’s any leakage (besides, no one’s really perfect anyway, right)? :)


The rolls ended up being a success (I ate three right out of the oven…what’s new) and I’m so glad I have a new baking recipe to play with.

What dishes have you resorted to for Easter entertaining? Any tried-and-true recipes I should know about?

Happy spring time!

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