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Easy DIY Easter Goodies

By Tejal Hewitt @Tejal_x

This year for Easter, instead of buying normal Easter Eggs I decided to add a personal touch to my little presents but putting them together myself.

I used:
Cellophane Wrap
Mini Eggs ( 5 bags)
2 Packs of Mini Chocolate Bunnies
1 Pack of Mini Chocolate chickens
1 Pack of Small Chocolate Eggs

Easter Goodies DIY

Layout the cellophane wrap about a 9inch square, place 8 mini eggs and 2 of the hollow Chocolate treats ( eggs/bunnies/chickens) into the center.

Easter Goodies DIY

Bring all the sides up and tie ribbon around and curl the ends.


They make lovely little gifts, and not a “Chocolate Overload”!!!

DIY Easter Goodies

Happy Easter!

DIY Easter Goodies


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