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Easy Colorful Fall Wreath How To

By Thedreamery

IMG_5434My favorite thing about autumn, aside from the abundance of squashes and apples, is the beautiful colors that the summer green trees fade into. Bright oranges, reds, and yellows that take your breath  away on long drives, or become a calming backdrop in the park. I wanted to create a lush wreath, that showcased all these beautiful colors, but the problem with using natural dried leaves, is that they lose their vibrance after time. And I wanted a wreath that stayed colorful long until the Christmas decorations made their way up. I found a bag of fall leaf garlands, my mother had stashed away, and fell in love with the array of colors. So I decided using a few of these silk flowers as the colorful backdrop to the wreath, and then collect the loveliest leaves from the yard to create a more natural looking autumn wreath. IMG_5442IMG_5374

You’ll Need

- Wooden Wreath

- Silk Foliage and Flowers

- Natural Dried Leaves and Branches

- Hot Glue Gun

- Scissors

- Welcome Banner, Reindeer Moss {optional}

Remove silk flowers and leaves from their stems. Arrange silk leaves onto the wooden wreath in a single layer, as desired. I chose to have the wood show through in a few corners, but wanted most of it to be bright and colorful. Bunch two or three flower buds together, and glue atop leaves. A great tip, is to place all your materials and play around with them until you have a look for your wreath that you’re pleased with before gluing everything in place.
I used fall zinnias in darker red and orange hues, to contrast the bright leaves, and arranged them in three corners of the wreath. I then finished my wreath by placing dried leaves in between the silk flowers to create a more natural look, and to tone down the vibrant colors.
I added large leaves and drooping clusters for a looser final look, but this wreath can be made how tight or loose as you prefer. Regardless, this wreath is a simple and affordable way to add the beautiful colors of fall to your home that will last you well through the entire season.

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