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Easter Egg Candy

By Olgalina

I gave them a try and it worked!:) These candies are so easy to make and I really like how they look:) Too sweet to my taste though, but they make a lovely addition to an Easter table.

I used this recipe and made minor changes to it.
170ml runny honey
58g butter
375g vanilla powdered sugar
vanilla and citrus essence
1/4 t.s. salt
yellow food colouring
160g dark chocolate

It's so easy, you just have to combine in your mixer honey, soft butter, powdered sugar, salt and vanilla essence. Sfter you take 1/3 of the mixture apart and color it with yellow. I aslo added some citrus flavor to the yellow part. And I added about 2tb.s. dry milk powder to the white part.

Easter Egg at room temp, smashed

Place both bowls into the fridge or a while.
Now using a spoon scoop in my case 14 yellow "egg yolks" and freze them for about 30 minutes. Then devide the white mixture into 14 bigger pieces and making discs from each piece wrap yellow ball into white discs. I used some flour to dust my hands and also the "eggs", because they become quite sticky during this process.
Freeze ready made eggs for a longer while. Mine set there for about 3 hours.
Melt chocolate with some olive oil and cover each egg with chocolate. Freeze for some 20 minutes and then transfer to the fridge. Enjoy:)

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