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Easter Basket Liner

By Thehousethatlarsbuilt @houselarsbuilt
Make an Easter basket liner with fabric from Laura AshleyMake an Easter basket liner with fabric from Laura AshleyHere's my latest for the Laura Ashley blog. I made a liner for an Easter basket using their sweet Aviary Garden fabric. It's the perfect springy fabric. 
Easter basket linerMaterials: fabric, thread, scissors, basket, sewing machine, pins
1. Because each basket differs in size you'll have to size the template yourself, but these are the pieces you'll want to cut based on this picture below:Easter basket liner2. To get the circle shape, trace the bottom of your basket and cut 1/2" more. (Note: I used muslin to show the steps and then the aviary fabric for the final picture.)
3. To get the rhombus type shape, measure the height of the basket and then figure out how much you would like your fabric to fold over. I did about 6". Allow for 2" more on each side. Cut two of these shapes.4. Fold down and sew the rhombus edges, omitting the shortest side.
5. Next, you'll pin the short end of the rhombus shapes to the outside of the circle. Pin all the way around.Easter basket liner 6. Sew 1/2" into the outer edge of the circle.
7. Turn it inside out and place it in the bottom of the basket.
8. Tie the two pieces together.
Easter basket liner
Happy making! Check out the Laura Ashley blog for more projects 
photography by Trisha Zemp 

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