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Easiest Scrambled Eggs Ever!

By Cakeyboi
scrambled eggs made in a high-speed blender
Sainsbury’s recently got in touch with told me about the fact that all of their fresh eggs are now cage-free. And, all of their own brand products also contain cage-free eggs. No coops for these chooks!
They wanted me to show this little video as they are quite proud of the fact;

Plus they asked if I would like to come up with a recipe using their eggs. Well, as I am just back from holiday, had loads on at work since, I wanted something simple that could be knocked up in no time at all.
Easiest Scrambled Eggs Ever!
This recipe is actually perfect for anyone who loves scrambled eggs in the morning but are short on time. You do need one item in the kitchen to make it though (well, apart from a toaster) – a high-speed blender, such as my Optimum 9400, which can gently cook soups and other foods, just by the friction they create.
I wanted to see if the blender could heat up eggs enough to scramble them – and guess what? – it did. So, if you are going to be busy for 9 to 10 minutes in the morning try this very quick and easy way to scramble eggs without standing over a pan.
Easiest Scrambled Eggs Ever!
Take 5 eggs and a spot of milk (about 3 or 4 tablespoons) and a drizzle of olive oil. Pop these into the blender and turn on high speed for 9 to 10 minutes. That’s it!
When I was experimenting I didn’t think it would work, but after the 9 minute mark, the noise from the jug changed slightly. That’s when I knew they had thickened.
Easiest Scrambled Eggs Ever!
I took the lid off to find scrambly eggs. I had toasted a couple of slices of bread, spread it with butter and heaped on my delicious eggs. I garnished with a little chopped spring onion and a crack of black pepper, but that was purely for the photos and is, of course, optional.
(a word of advice, to clean your jug of eggs, add cold water and some vinegar and let steep for a while. Don't worry, the smell doesn't linger. Hot water would cook the eggs further and make it impossible to clean up.)
scrambled eggs made in a high-speed blender
So, if you would like to make easy scrambled eggs for breakfast and have a high-speed blender, pop into Sainsbury’s and grab some cage-free eggs.
Disclosure Statement: I was sent Sainsbury’s vouchers in remuneration for posting the video and coming up with a recipe using their eggs. Any opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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