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By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Grey State Apparel
I was scrolling through me previous outfit posts and realized that more than once I have repeated myself and stated the importance of investing in quality clothing.
There is a certain pleasure in recognizing something that has been well made. Good design is about using materials that are fit for purpose. The product has to be aesthetically pleasing, has to be functional – and if it has extra character to it, too, well, then that's something else. - Margaret Howell
One reason I look for that brands that not only care about the design but also how the clothes are made is because I think for someone to make something that's going to last, there is undoubtedly an amount of love as well as skill that goes into that. And things that last are important. I'm happy to pay more for something if I see it as an investment.
Even when I had no money I had saved up and bought a Mulberry bag back in 2004 and I still carry it pride till today. Good quality rides over to everything. It can be apparent in something like a cotton T-shirt that has faded well – it doesn't have to be expensive. I prefer clothes that get better with age. We should respect what it takes to produce something that is of a quality to last. Which brings me to the new brand I want to introduce to you guys - Grey State Apparel. I recently learned about it and I am loving everything in their collection. In their own words they are 'trend-relevant and not trend-driven'. The pieces are soft-to-touch, versatile and well-made. They are also eco-friendly and responsibly manufactured. They are ticking all the right boxes, am I right? 

In the outfit post below you can see my favorite hoodie from their collection which is equal parts comfortable and equal parts luxurious. 

Grey State Apparel Grey State Apparel Grey State Apparel Grey State Apparel Grey State Apparel Grey State Apparel Location - Mosaic District Hoodie - c/o Grey State Apparel // Same Jeans - GAP // Similar Boots - Lucky Brand // Similar Jacket - Tommy Hilfiger // Similar Bag - Loewe // Same Beanie - From Peru // Similar

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