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Earth Sea Mama Life in Nova!

By Earthseamama @earthseamama

Things have been going well for me and Baby F....although we do miss Daddy very much he will be here with us in a few more days! Last night Baby F got a terrible diaper rash so I got some cream from the pharmacist ...it could be caused by yeast because he just finished antibiotics for a sinus infection a few days ago :( Seeing the rash really made me want to switch to cloth diapers  again...I have some on order from China but they might be awhile so I am considering trying my hand at sewing so prefolds and wool soakers from thrift store fabric! I will deff need my Mother's  help lol My future sister in law might also be hooking us up with some AIO cloth :) I am probably going to switch to cloth wipes using tea tree oil and water...I would like to get out to pick up some fabric for those this evening.  I don't have a drivers license yet...so I also need to get on that...there is no public transit here so its a high priority.

Anyway just a quick update :)

Earth Sea Mama life in Nova!

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