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By Earthseamama @earthseamama
Today a lady was coming to swap baby carriers. My Taylor Made Ring Sling for her Ergo Sport! It was perfect but then her Hubby told her he likes the Ergo and not to trade it :( I still sold her my Ring Sling because I want a Soft Structure Style Carrier or Mei Tai. Now I have the money to buy another carrier but I can not find one. I checked Babes In Arms consignment carriers and they had a Chimparoo Mei Tai that I loved but when I called they did not have it anymore.
Originally I had found an Ergo sport on a local buy & sell page for $65 dollars but then turned it down because I was planning on doing the carrier swap with this here I am with no carrier at all. This really sucks. We are moving in like...47 days and I really need to find one before leaving the city because I doubt there will be much selection in Nova Scotia.
The worst part of it all is I already ordered custom strap pads from Etsy! I am going to be so sad when they arrive and I have no carrier to use them with. AGH! Today sucks!
The good news is my wedding ring arrived today :) And it is perfect!! The first one we ordered was to large and the second one I ordered the band was to thick...I sold one on Kijiji and sent the other one back SO finally I have my ring.
Anyway I will be spending the rest of my day & night hunting down a suitable carrier on buy & sell groups and Kijiji and I wont stop til I find one LOL

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