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Early Riser- Jasper Fforde

By Lucybirdbooks @lucybirdbooks

Early Riser- Jasper FfordeSynopsis

In a world where humans hibernate there are always people who stay awake during the freezing Winter to keep humanity safe. It’s Charlie’s first Winter working with the Winter Consul, but things aren’t exactly going to plan, Charlie is having dreams which seem to be coming true, and Charlie suspects things are not quite as they seem.


One of the tasks during ‘Bout of Books’ was to write a review. I was busy the day that I was meant to write the review so I’m going out of order with my reviews so that I can complete that task as close to the end of ‘Bout of Books’ as I can.

I love Jasper Fforde, I have for a long time, but all the same I decided to wait until ‘Early Riser’ was out in paperback before I bought it. If it was that elusive ‘Shades of Grey’ sequel I would have snatched it up on release day!

‘Early Riser’ is very much the sort of book one would expect from Fforde. An alternate world, some crazy events, an immersive world which is similar but not the same as our own, really interesting characters.

Charlie himself certainly felt nieve to me, but them he was new, and maybe he wasn’t so much nieve as not knowing that certain rules are never spoken.

I’m not sure what else I can say without being spoiler-ish. I really enjoyed this book, it was funny and exciting. I always enjoy seeing how Fforde crafts his world so they are recognisable, but not quite right.

‘Early Riser’ is intended as a stand-alone, but I do think that there could be a sequel, and if there was I would definitely buy it.

The only issue with Fforde’s books is that everytime I read one now it makes me wonder when the next ‘Shades of Grey’ will be out, everytime I look on the website it appears to have been put further back.


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