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Early Fall Florals

By Thedreamery

Early Fall Florals About two weeks ago I was asked to make a very last-minute floral arrangement. With no time to head to the flower market, I had to get creative with what my garden had to offer. Flowers have been scarce, left is mostly greens, foliage and a few purple dahlias, which were just beginning to bloom again. Since I couldn’t use the dahlias, I had some antique colored Hydrangeas that were blooming their way into my garden. Early Fall Florals I often pick these beauties, because I love their coloring so much. Green with red tips and shades of blue blended within its petals, it’s just a beautiful flower. It’s a favorite of mine and brides, I even used them for a Gatsby inspired garden bridal shower back in June. These Hydrangeas just so happened to be growing over another garden favorite of mine, the beautiful ‘palace purple’ Heuchara {or Coral Bells} with rich burgundy hued leaves, and delicate flowering stems that slightly resemble smoke bush. I nestled in a few delicate pale dusty miller leaves, and they couldn’t have complimented the antique Hydrangeas more perfectly. Early Fall Florals I put this floral arrangement together in five minutes, but I love it so much, finding it to be a one of my favorites that I’ve done. Placed in a mason jar it becomes rustic, but in a gold vase or pedestal container, it becomes an elegant fall arrangement.  Early Fall Florals What I really love about this little floral arrangement is that it looks different from every angle. It’s how I like my florals, unique with something new and pretty every way you look at it. The burgundy leaves and red hints in the hydrangea are definitely fall, while the soft greens, blue and grays bring out the lightness of summer. Whether it’s an early fall or late summer outdoor get-together, wedding, bridal shower or event, these florals create a beautiful color palette for the upcoming autumn season.   Early Fall Florals Early Fall Florals Early Fall Florals Early Fall Florals Early Fall Florals Early Fall Florals

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