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Each and Every

By Owlandtwine
Each and EveryEach and EveryEach and EveryEach and EveryEach and Every
The albums on my mother's shelves are full of family photographs. But also other things. A starling with a crooked beak. A day of hoarfrost and smoke. A cherry tree thick with blossom. Thunderclouds, lightning strikes, comets and eclipses: celestial events terrifying in their blind distances but reassuring you, too, that the world is for ever, though you are only a blink in its course.
- H is for Hawk, Helen Macdonald

I am sitting here this morning, well traveled, exhausted, wondrous, rethinking all that was this year. I do not think I've ever been in this place before- a place where the fullest heart crests and breaks with the saddest heart. And still I feel my prayer answered as clear as ever: keep you life uncomplicated. Spend your days with the people you love and who love you back, equally. Don't let your creating get too comfortable- dare greatly. Surround yourself with beauty. Love well and be loved well. But mostly be grateful for each and every breath. Each and every breath. Wow! A new year!

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