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E3 2013 Press Conferences - What They Did Right & Wrong

By M00kyst @mookyst
I know it's late but I didn't plan on doing an article about the press conferences. However I decided to do this basic Right/Wrong format instead and only got it out today. Sorry.


The GamesMS had a ton of awesome, new and great looking titles on display, certainly proving that the Xbox One is going to have an extremely strong launch lineup of games. But can they keep it consistent throughout the console's life?
The Organisation The conference was well organised, we were shown what we wanted and MS got to the point. They kept it entertaining throughout and it never felt life a drag.
Technical IssuesThere were a few technical issues that resulted in some heckling and pissed off looking presenters. Ouch.


VarietyEA kept everyone entertained and amused with their high variety of games, including things like Plants Vs Zombies, FIFA, Madden and Battlefield 4. There was someone for everyone.
Great GameplayThe gameplay they showed was very good. Not too long or too short and it gave everyone a great look at the games. Especially Battlefield 4.
Not Enough GameplayThe gameplay they did show was great, but there was a lack of gameplay and game information about some games, especially the sports ones. it was all talk and no show where they were concerned.


New Games Ubisoft showed off some brilliant new games like The Crew and Tom Clancy's: The Division. These titles not only look great but we were given some gameplay snippets and more than enough information on them to keep us happy.
Terrible PresentingE3 never wins any awards for having the best presenters (remember Mr. Caffeine? Yeah...) but Ubisoft's was exceptionally bad. While every other press conference was presented in a direct manor,; poor jokes and messy, seemingly unorganised presenting is what we got from Ubi.
Somewhat BlandUbi's conference took a while to get going and it wasn't until the end that things heated up more. There were some good moments but also just as many dull, uninteresting ones too with only some poor jokes to keep us entertained.


Great PS4 InformationSony's conference felt like the full chapter of the PS4's reveal. We got to see it, learn about it and understand it. Not only did Sony revel a good amount of info but it was almost all good info too. They skimmed over some TV segments but at least acknowledged that the PS4 will be able to be used as an entertainment device.
To The Point & Great PresentationIt was to the point and didn't hang around before getting into it. And the presenting was superb as well. What's more the communication when the games were being played was brilliant. Never boring.
Slow StartThe conference took a little while to get going, unfortunately. And I'm not just talking about the 20 minute delay. It started pretty slow with a roundup of PS3 games like The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls. Thing was that we already knew about these games and nothing new was shown to us so it added little to the conference.
What did you think about the press conference's? What stood out for you and who did you think did it best? Share your opinions below!

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