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DVDs for V-Day: Love Stories

Posted on the 14 February 2012 by Cinefilles @cinefilles
I'm a hopeless romantic and as such, I can't help but be drawn to epic romance stories. I'm not too big on campy rom-coms (though I've seen too many of them) and I'm not into second chances (true love gets it right the first time). I'm into stories about deeply honest, pure love that goes to no ends to make sure that it is fulfilled. It also helps if someone tragically dies at the end.
This Valentine's Day, I'd like to ask you to suspend disbelief for a few moments and indulge in these moving, deeply emotional stories about love.
DVDs for V-Day: Love Stories
While Inman (Jude Law) and Ada (Nicole Kidman) are separated throughout most of the film, it's their enduring distant love that pulls you in. Although conscripted in the American Civil War, Inman can't help but follow his heart back to Ada, even if it means deserting the war. Meanwhile, as he treks his way back to her, Ada is left to worry about his safe return, while mourning the death of her father and trying to work the family farm without him. It's a story about hope and faith in a love that endures what feels like endless time to findally be reunited.
DVDs for V-Day: Love Stories
It's tough to put The Notebook on this list without fear of being cliché, but I have to do it. There's a reason that this movie resonates as one of the greatest modern love stories of all time. It's about a guy, Noah (Ryan Gosling), who's unrelenting in chasing his true love, Allie (Rachel McAdams), when things being to fall apart after their picture-perfect summer. Through years of pain and waiting, Noah is unyielding, making for a very bitter-sweet ending.
DVDs for V-Day: Love Stories
This underrated Bollywood movie has been one of the most surprising movies I've seen in the past couple years. While it seems much of Bollywood dismisses it because it's so different from their usual fare (no dance numbers, a mix of languages, and extremely rebellious), it's gone mostly unnoticed by the rest of the world who don't look out for Bollywood exports. J (Hrithik Roshan) is an American who marries immigrant women to get them green cards, but when he marries Mexican woman Linda (Bárbara Mori), he feels there's something more there. Meanwhile, she's actually engaged to someone else and plans for divorce once the arrangement is through. But after discovering their true feelings, divorce is out of the question. Of course, her fiancé doesn't take it well and the two flee the country, running from guns and threats and car chases, until they can finally be alone together.
DVDs for V-Day: Love Stories
This is my favorite movie ever. Of all time. Just watching the trailer nearly makes me teary. It's the most epic love story I've ever seen. Christian (Ewan McGregor) is a "penniless writer" who falls in love with Satine (Nicole Kidman), a courtesan and star of the Moulin Rouge night club. Of course, their love can never be; her job prevents her from falling in love, especially with someone who can't afford to keep up with her demands. But their love is destined to be and despite all odds, they see it through. Aside from being a beautiful story, it's also got some of the most stunning set and costume design, along with truly convincing acting. It is the most emotional movie I've ever seen.

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