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Dry Spell Colours

By Stephanie
I have been staying indoor most of the time due to the hot weather but my plants are not. By late afternoon, I can almost hear them 'screaming' for water! The pic below shows my Holmskiodia sanguinea (common name: Chinese Hat Plant), Adenium obesum (Desert Rose) and Bougainvillea 'Apple Blossom'. The Chinese Hat blooms on the left have dried with very few green leaves on the vine leaving the Desert Roses (one in white with pink edges and another in yellow) shouting for attention. 

Dry Spell Colours

While the dry spell persists, I have been following the news closely on the ill-fated flight MH370 that went missing since Saturday, the incident is just beyond  comprehension. I pray that all will be with their loved ones soon.Arundina Dwarf flower always never fail to surprise me... :-)Dry Spell ColoursFree Gypsophilas! I am so pleased to see these self-sowed plants flourishing so wonderfully in the pot. I look forward to seeing this pot every morning when I water my plants - so radiant, so graceful! Dry Spell ColoursAs drought tolerant is Verbena. If you are looking for drought-cum-heat-tolerant plants, definitely Gypsophila and Verbena are the answers.Dry Spell ColoursAnother plant that thrives well in the heat is Cut-leaved Daisy. Pretty?Dry Spell ColoursBtw, if you have the time, read my article on Cheerful Daisies. Let me know what you think yeah? A little bird (bloom of Pedilanthus bracteatus) and its big egg (larger than the bird!) ;-) ...a fascinating sight to behold.Dry Spell ColoursI only knew that this pink Caladium loves basking in the sun but somehow I thought it does not like the dry weather but it somehow seems fine in it...Dry Spell ColoursSo is this orange Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis...Dry Spell ColoursThe yellow hibiscus is flowering as well...Dry Spell Colours
Strangely, many trees and shrubs along the streets and in other home gardens are blooming wonderfully during this time - hot and dry weather. Does such weather promotes blooming? 

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