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Dry Shampoo- When You Are Running out of Time

By Manjumodiyani @HoshiyaarChaddi

Don’t have time to wash your nasty tresses every day? Dry shampoo is definitely the best solution to the problem. Get rid of greasy hair in a matter of minutes!A dry shampoo is water-less hair cleansing product in a powder form generally available in spray cans. Dry shampoo when used on greasy hair, absorbs all the dirt and oil from the scalp and strands of the hair. It lightens the roots, adds shine and volume, retains the softness of your hair as well as makes them smell so fresh.

Dry shampoo- When you are running out of time

Hair before and after using dry shampoo

The most popular brands of dry shampoo are Oscar Blandi Pronto, Batiste, Pssst dry shampoo, Lush candy fluff powder, Cedel and Klorane. READ MORE >>>

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