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Dry Paper Notes: Written While Harvesting Wheat in Montana (Part 2)

Posted on the 16 September 2011 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

Dry Paper Notes: Written While Harvesting Wheat in Montana (Part 2)I had to take a break to drive the truck to the grain bin. Missoula seems so far away- I left 2 days ago. It is now 8/4/00. All I hear is the wind and the crickets and, once in a while, the dry, raspy rustle of ubiquitous wheat stalks blowing. Far off, the combine roars. But until it climbs the slope or the wind shifts, it is just me- the only person for miles. You can see 40-70+ miles out here depending on smoke, humidity, and clouds.

Another round is complete. The almost complete silence that follows 30 minutes of truck driving, grain dumping, and auger loading is beautiful. I’m beginning to wish the sun would sink faster. I had four Ego waffles at 7:30am, an apple later, 1 sandwich and a soda. Won’t eat again till 10pm at the earliest. Oh well, I’ll live and learn patience and temperance.

The slow march and persistent groan-scuttle of heavy machinery across the plains, slowly devouring acres of golden wavering strands talking in the breeze.
Finished our second section for the day. Onto number three. Since I’ve been here, we’ve taken down a 130 acre field and a 30 acre field- drop in the bucket. Sun is getting lower, cooling off a bit, nice breeze. Very pleasant.

Night is falling. Probably 1 hour of light left- then that’s it for the day unless farmer feels crazy and wants to work after dark. Let’s hope not. These will be my last words for today as it is getting too dark to see. Goodnight.

Well, back at it again. Killing more time until a truck is ready to be hauled to the bin. My first truck of wheat and attempt at unloading into the auger was a failure. I raised the hydraulic too high and grain spilled all over the sides- spent a good 20 minutes cleaning up. The breeze is awesome today.

School and friends and Atlanta and even family seem so far away. The gathering of family on the 19th seems too distant to be real. It’s really a totally different world. I’ve only talked to Farmer these last three days.

(to be continued…)


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