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Dry Paper Notes: Written While Harvesting Wheat in Montana (6th and Final Part)

Posted on the 24 September 2011 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

Dry Paper Notes: Written While Harvesting Wheat in Montana (6th and Final Part)(This is the sixth part in a series. All related posts can be read here.)

I really enjoy the quad- donuts, skid-outs, sharp turns, at near full speed.

Think I’d like to have a pick-up as my first car.

I think naps are great.

I’ve been planning my route home. Should see a lot. I re-did my state count. Should get three more states on the way home

I have $170 in my checking account now. About $100 in my wallet. Hopefully make 6-$700 here. That gives me approx. $1000. $240 I owe a friend, that leaves around $700 for books and starting school. Gas for the trip back goes on the credit card. Can also work at Aramark the week before school starts. Should be okay.

Had a near disaster on the quad. I came out of the field onto the main road at full speed. It can be done with the right angle. I didn’t have the right angle. Flew across road into a ditch on the left and came ½ foot from being dragged along barbed wire fence or thrown off the quad into it. Came out of it unscathed and full of adrenaline rush.

No breeze today- makes it hotter and not quite as comfortable.

I feel like I should take this extra time to write more but I don’t really have anything to say. Therefore, instead of talking for the hellavit, I’ll quit. Wait. Two things: expressions from Montana- “going western” and “slam it out.”

Haven’t seen a single car the entire day.

We are moving today- cutting an area 1 mile long by ¼ mile wide. Farmer said it was roughly 200 acres. It would be awesome if we could get this finished tonight- just slam it out. That would leave approx. 60 acres tomorrow, which would be cake.

Well, this should be the last day of harvesting. Looking back it seems a blur- 16 hour days will do that, I guess. We have a sliver of the field we were working on yesterday to finish. It is very weedy and Farmer will give up if it is too difficult to cut for what we’ll get. Then another weedy 66 acre lot and we are done: 900 acres since I arrived a week ago, 1400 total acres cut. 1400 laying fallow. 2 people.

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