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Dropbox’s Project Infinite Will Save Your Local Storage Space

Posted on the 26 April 2016 by Tftb @TFTB

Dropbox has become one of the go-to service for file syncing and backup. Some people are still using it as a backup service but a Dropbox power user knows how the syncing capacity of Dropbox makes it's a very powerful service than just as a backup tool.

Dropbox’s Project Infinite Will Save Your Local Storage Space

The only problem most complained about Dropbox is the amount of storage space it needs as it syncs all your folders locally. You can manually choose to folders you want to sync with the 'Selective Sync' option but that makes the files vanish from the local PC and even to see those folders and file you need to completely sync the files or access it from Web. This becomes cumbersome if the folders are filled with data files especially if the number of files in that are more than 15-20 files.

Dropbox’s Project Infinite Will Save Your Local Storage Space

Now with blazing fast SSD storage becoming cheaper, almost everyone is upgrading their systems with this fast storage. Eating precious SSD space with just storing data from cloud which you hardly ever access bothers everyone who know how much SSD storage matters.

To tackle these problems about slow selective sync and SSD storage space being very crucial, Dropbox has introduced Project Infinite.

None of the cloud storage competitors in the market have this right now which make this a very unique and revolutionary feature not just for Dropbox but also for the cloud storage industry.

Project Infinite will make all your Dropbox files visible on your local machine would take less than 1kb of space, if required you can open it and it will download the file when you really want it.

Dropbox’s Project Infinite Will Save Your Local Storage Space

But if you need a certain folder available to you all the time even when offline, you can request to download it and keep on your local machine forever beforehand.

While teams can store terabyte upon terabyte in the cloud, most individuals' laptops can only store a small fraction of that. Getting secure access to all the team's data usually means jumping over to a web browser, a clunky user experience at best.

Google Drive only recently introduced a feature similar to 'Selective Sync' which means Dropbox is already ahead in the cloud storage game and will become one of the most lucrative option to choose from when it comes to Cloud Syncing and Storage.

Project Infinite seems to be only limited to business users for now, which makes more sense as the business plans come with literally unlimited storage space and each user is probably using and sharing everything within the team which would make it a bit cumbersome for someone who never accesses certain files from the project but is forced to keep them locally.

Source : Dropbox Business Blog | A revolutionary new way to access all your files

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