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Drop Some Bass. Find the Groove. Make Some Images.

By Flemmingbo

Bass. Beats. Dirty breaks. Funky Quincy Jones samples. It’s a Thursday night 10pm. As part of the Jazz festival, DJs Dokkedal/Dixen are live remixing Quincy Jones into some dirty break beats and bone rattling ghetto bass. The regulars have shown up. Familiar faces of the club scene. The sun sets. The beats drop. Heads nod, feet move. People crack open beers. Wind is a bit fierce, Summer night only by name. I break out the camera.

Drop some bass. Find the groove. Make some images.

It has been some weeks since I have made any images and I longed to create something, anything. Nothing much, just a few images. Not part of any major story, no reason, just make a few pictures with a bit of quality in them. Most importantly a few images where I felt in the groove, not like I was forcing it. It’s my out, photography. One of them anyway, must make pictures and I have let everyday stuff get in the way. Wandering around the roof top where the event is held, I check out the light, the people, the spacing, the action. Where is the light, which direction, what are my options? I smile. I love being in this groove. The music is brilliant, light is challenging but interesting and I am finally in my own world of music and shooting, making pictures, just for me.

Drop some bass. Find the groove. Make some images.

Have to knock off the rust and shoot my way into a groove and get close enough, do not hang back, get over myself, get right into people, shoot, get closer, shoot again. I do not make enough photos in Copenhagen. Too much stuff is allowed to get in the way and I am overly familiar with everything and less curious, less inspired. And I go through phases where I’m really inspired and other phases where I can’t even look through the camera. While these images are nothing major, they are important to me. I found the groove again this night. Must make pictures. It is who I am, never forget that, never let other people nor memories make me forget who I am. Make good art as Neil Gaiman said. Make good art. Make it on the good days. Make it on the bad days. And preferably to beats as good as on this night!

Drop some bass. Find the groove. Make some images.

Thanks to Dokkedal/Dixen for the awesome sounds.

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