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Drop Kick: Trap Door

By Angel Russell @sergeantsparrow


Dropkick is an electronic dance music project by Lee Lee and Cusp Cuspschen who’s sound is a combination of different genres and influences. Soul meets funk, electronic, and rock for an interesting culmination of sounds all blending into a delightful musical stew. Their beats are uptempo, excitable and fun. The synths and melodies all blend well together and create musical harmony. Their collaboration began when the two became homebound with the neurological symptoms of Lyme disease and M.E. The two met online and began their musical project together. They began in the arts world and due to illness decided a different approach to relive their creative inclinations. Their song Trapdoor  has been mixed into a variety of danceable hits ready for any DJ or dance party on their newest EP. Trapdoor in all its mixes is available on the new EP on bandcamp in both CD and download format.


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Drop Kick: Trap Door

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