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Driving Through A Rainbow

By Bookishkind @bookishkind
We have had a lot of rain lately and today was no different. It was misty and very heavy rain came down. As I was driving home in it all, I saw a rainbow ahead and realized I'd have to drive through the rainbow on my way home.
Driving through it was pretty much as you'd expect ... misty and sunny at the same time. A magical white glow appeared on all of the cars ahead of mine as their tires dusted the wet off from the road, and some cars even had little mini rainbows that followed them in the misty glow never leaving the shadow of the car.
I half expected a unicorn to pop out somewhere or a little leprechaun to guide me to some gold, ...but it didn't happen that way. If you ever get the chance to drive through a rainbow I hope you do.
"Heaven's Rainbow" by Linda Sannuti ~ Found at "Fine Art America"
Driving Through A Rainbow

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