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Drinking Freshly Pressed Au Naturale’ Juice Like There’s No Tomorrow!

By Foodie Cravings @foodiecravings

I get absolutely inspired by foodies who have the drive and courage to turn their dreams into reality. Today I met Jac Olsen, a young Perth Chef by trade, who just launched Au Naturale’, a cold pressed juice delivery business.

Jac grew up living by the beach in the northern suburbs of Perth and always had a love for the environment and organic foods. Jac wanted her success to come from a love of what she produced and from people that like what she does which led to the launch of Au Naturale’. She presses each bottle of juice with love and delivers them personally to Perth homes and offices.

Jac’s timing couldn’t have been any better. Her cold pressed juice arrived whilst burger boy and I were hiding out from Perth’s scorching 36 degrees heat…


I sampled the Yogi.Pear which was a combination of fresh apple, kiwi, lime and pear and the Buddah.Belly which had apple, orange, pear and strawberry. Both these straight juices were amazing thirst quenchers. burger boy had the Ma.God which is one of Jac’s raw vegan and veg smoothies. It was a combination of banana, kiwi, lime, mango and orange and was a bit thicker than the straight juices. The banana flavor is strong so you’ll love this if you love banana. No surprises that there’s nothing but empty 250ml bottles which remain


Other than the straight fruit and smoothies, Au Naturale’ also has a range of fruit & veg combos and straight veg juices. The juices retail at $5.50 per 250ml bottle and $9.50 for 500ml. The smoothies are $6 per 250ml bottle and $10 for 500ml.

If you love your juices and don’t have the time to press your own juices, Au Naturale’ is worth a try. More on the available juices and Au Naturale’ can be found on Jac’s website

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