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Drink to Your Health with Premier Protein Shakes

Posted on the 02 July 2014 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl
Drink to Your Health with Premier Protein Shakes

Why I Began Drinking Protein Drinks…

Living a healthy lifestyle is important, but I have responsibilities that prevent me consuming the ideal diet. That’s why protein shakes have become a part of my daily routine. Over time I have come to rely on protein shakes to get me through the day and maintain my level of fitness. Here are a few examples.

When there’s no time for breakfast

I am currently babysitting some mornings as a #sidehustle and that means arriving at the kids’ house before the parents leave for work. I don’t have the energy to prepare a healthy breakfast when I need to arrive at work before most working professionals even leave their houses.

I am hardly the only person in this situation: 31 million Americans skip breakfast each day. This is a big mistake, because hunger throughout the day leads to overeating.

I rely on Premier Protein shakes in these situations because a breakfast with a high level of protein satisfies my appetite and reduces hunger throughout the day. I’ll either drink a shake on my way to babysit or use the chocolate or vanilla shake as a base for my smoothie. I am partial to adding frozen fruit to my vanilla shake, but there are plenty of other healthy shake recipes you can use if you have a bit more time.


When I need a fast alternative to snacks

Working as the assistant editor of this very site can mean too many hours in front of my computer engaging with others on social media and helping Abbi proofread and edit other columnists’ stories. Sometimes my concentration will slow and I will find myself staring off into space and wondering what I should eat.

Rather than let that happen consistently, my go-to-snack are the Premier Protein chocolate shakes sitting in my fridge. This is more fulfilling than an apple and far healthier than snacking on Doritos.


After working out

I started lifting weights and jogging as part of my exercise routine about six months ago and have only recently started to drink a vanilla Premier Protein shake after each workout, around three times per week. I have a long ways to go, but a protein shake has been a reliable way to recover post-workout.


I know how much I don’t know about nutrition and fitness. I try to learn, but as soon as I feel like I am up to speed, I come across even more information that makes me rethink my diet and routine. This is why rather than moving from fad to fad, I can drink protein shakes to cover my needs and help me reach my goals.

Let me explain why they work:

They stop carb cravings

Protein shakes make a real difference for me. I stopped craving carbs (aka sugar) after I started drinking a Premier Protein shake after each workout. They’re ready to drink, and so convenient. I used to bring one of those shaker bottles in my gym bag. I was kind of like Little Miss Muffet with spilled curds and whey on my towel…so messy!

I’d like to tell you that I’m an exercise physiologist and know that my muscles need protein after a workout. I am not. I’m a 20-something year old online editor and part-time babysitter that wants to stay in good shape to work as hard as I do.

One of my favorite books about body sculpting, Burn the Fat, recommends drinking a protein shake within thirty minutes of each exercise session. So by feeding my muscles protein after lifting weights or jogging, I become lean.

Premier Protein Nutrition

Premier Protein shakes are considered a complete protein, delivering 18 amino acids, including all of the essential ones.

Just Say NO…

Most protein drinks are very high in sugar, so it will be tough for you to find a high protein drink that’s also low in sugar and actually tastes good. I’ve learned to read labels because some manufacturers are sneaky. For instance, most protein drinks on my grocer’s shelves and at the natural foods store have more than thirty to forty grams of carbs in the form of sugar! Because I’m very sensitive to sugar – and because more nutritionists and functional medicine specialists recommend limiting amounts of sugar to prevent raising glycemic index levels – I don’t buy these protein drinks. Sugar causes weight gain!



That’s why I tried out Premier Protein’s new Chocolate and Vanilla Shakes. They’re ultra-low in sugar (just one carb) and taste really wonderful. They’re really creamy and smooth, unlike some protein drinks that are chalky… even gluey!



I was surprised at how delicious Premier Protein Shakes are and actually look forward to drinking them in the morning or after my workout. Yum!

The 57 Names of Sugar

According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), there are at least fifty-seven common names for sugar, so it’s important to look for these names when reading protein shake labels. For instance, agave nectar that some manufacturers use as a healthy alternative really isn’t, and sadly, it’s more highly concentrated than the dreadful high fructose corn syrup! Even healthy-sounding names like cane juice or cane juice crystals are still sugar.

If you can’t remember all the names (and who can?) just look for the amount of carbs in the protein drink. Just say NO if there’s more than one carb per serving (the amount of carbs in Premier Protein Shakes).  Don’t undo the calorie burn of your workout!

Which Protein do you need?

Here’s a reason to drink milk protein instead of, say, only soy or only whey protein drinks. Researchers have also discovered that milk products are really good for you. Some very elite researchers recommend drinking an extremely high-priced whey supplement (costs hundreds of dollars to use each month!) in order to raise glutathione levels in the body. But that’s not realistic for most and it’s always more complicated than that.

Consider this:

“They are all good and complete proteins, meaning they have all the essential amino acids. But, they are absorbed at different rates, which can be important depending on your nutrition and fitness goals.”

  • “Soy protein clearly comes from soy and is next in the speed category. Soy is absorbed slower than whey but faster than casein, and is one of the only “complete” non-dairy proteins.”
  • “Casein, which comes from milk, is digested the slowest, providing a more gradual rise in amino acid levels.”
  • “Milk protein, which also comes from milk, is a combination of whey & casein.”

Nutrition author Mark Hyman, M.D. says that glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant and that it’s very important to maintaining good health. It’s quite interesting: when a person’s glutathione levels drop, that person gets very sick. Ingesting protein is one of the best and easiest ways to help the body make glutathione. So, that’s two reasons to drink milk-based protein shakes.

Protein Drinks and Weight Loss

Now, this is a very popular topic with my friends. A few months ago, my best friend Sarah decided to lose some weight. She is also in her twenties and she never took off the freshman fifteen she gained at New York University. She started drinking protein shakes a few weeks ago and, WOW! I was shocked at how amazing she looks! She decided to drink Premier Protein shakes instead of one dinner and a snack.

Of course, she got her doctor’s permission first. He said, “As long as you eat lots of healthy green foods and fruits, this is a good plan for you.”


Nutrition facts for the chocolate Premier Protein shakes I drink

Where to find Premier Protein Shakes

Arguably the most important reason I will continue to rely on these shakes is because they are so convenient to find in stores, no matter where in the country you live. Here are a few ones we have all heard of:

  • Sam’s Club

  • WalMart

  • BJs




Premier Protein for Free? I love Premier Protein so much that the company is providing me with their new chocolate and vanilla shakes to give away exclusively to two lucky readers of Ms. Career Girl.

Lave a brief comment below sharing how you will use Premier Protein and I will choose my favorite response as the winner.

You’ll receive two, twelve-packs (one chocolate and one vanilla) of Premier Protein if you win, so leave me a comment!!

I can’t wait to hear from you!!


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