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Dress With Style & Away From Sterotypes

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Dress  With Style & Away From Sterotypes


Stepping out the front door wearing the same designer;s prints from head to toe isn’t a great fashion statement – you look more like an advertising plaque.

While logo’s might have been the rage 10 years ago, do you really want Adidas splashed across your chest? If it has a logo then keep it small.

While we all fake something, those huge boobs, lips, painted on eyebrows & bright white painted teeth need to be reined in a little.

If your gonna fake the tan make sure you don’t look like an orange.

We all love a bit of bling, but don’t over do it. You end up looking like Mr T.

Show your cleavage but not your nipples ladies. While a bit of flesh shows elegance the full works will do nothing but give you a reputation.

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