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Dreams Or Anxiety?

By Familyfriends @familyfriends_

When I was ten years old, myself, my three brothers a baby sister, mom and dad moved not only house but we also left our little town. I remember we all felt very exited about our new adventure. But I also remember how important it was for mom and dad that we were apart of the process. They wanted us to feel included. I know for a fact that they even withdrew an offer on a house one year earlier, because my older brother wasn’t ready. In fact, He refused and was very upset about the whole Idea!

But time gave him a chance to adjust to the idea of leaving the home and friends he knew. Dad took my brother with him when it was time to decide plot and house in the new area we were moving to. I still remember how he with his big brother voice reminded us over and over again how HE choose the plot we were going to buy. His attitude changed after awhile, and he even started to look forward to our move.

That move I did 28 years ago had a huge impact last year when we prepared our move to Scotland.

Dreams or anxiety?One day when I once again was overwhelmed of questions of how it would be possible for us to move and fears started to sneak in the back door God reminded me of my own experience when I was ten. It encouraged me. My own memory of how my whole life changed with new friend, new school and a new world, helped me. I know my positive experience helped to let go of anxiety and worries about our children.

Johan also had an experience of moving and change of life when he was a child but opposite to mine. He moved because his mom and dad got divorced. It was far away from a family adventure-experience.  He was left with memories of tears, pain and separation.

Our two completely different experience of moving as children, gave us many opportunities to start a conflict. When we FINALLY realized why we struggled to come together we started to make decisions based on both experiences so we could help our children the best way we could with what we had. We let my experience speak into our lives that this move doesn’t mean that we are placing our children in the middle of a nuclear bomb with traumatic memories from childhood as a consequence. And finally something good came out of Johan’s experience. We used his memories of pain and separation as reminder to treat our children with a new respect. No question from now on is too small or too big.

Yes our family was in the beginning of our move limited by fear, anxiety and false image of safety. God set us free. But I believe He did it by getting our attention of the reason of our limitation. God wants us all to know what he Knows, and see what he sees. Isn’t that great!

Jesus said to the people who believed in him, “You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teachings. And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31-32

Does your family carry a dream or do desires that don’t go away, but something holds you back, something? Ask God who knows everything, for him the time has come to set you free, completely free!

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