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Dream Job Or Nightmare? Working From Home

By Linsibrownson @CleverSpark
Dream Job or Nightmare? Working From Home

Photo by Michelle Carrillo at http://thesuitcasestudio.com/

Most business owners work at least part of the time from a home based office.  I’m a total homebody and I LOVE having an office just steps away from my bed (and fridge, and patio).  But I often hear the argument against Home[Work] because it can be a lot harder to stay focused and get work done with so many comfortable distractions.

So this week in our Spark Social Share podcast, Nicole and I explore 3 Ways To Make Your Home Office Work For You – from establishing your routine to developing a system of organization you can stick with.  This is a bit of right and left brain planning, so you may want to grab a pen.

Dream Job or Nightmare? Working From Home

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The desk shown above is a photo by Michelle Carrillo at http://www.thesuitcasestudio.com/ after we got her home organized.  Check her out, she’s awesome.

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