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By Atulsharmasharma

It was already three hours past the time of his arrival. Dimple had been waiting since the last five hours at the airport. There was no sign of him. The clock ticked 3’o clock. Dimple was waiting alone as she had married against the wishes of her family. Dimple moved her wheelchair with great difficulty to reach the pay phone. She called at Sunil’s home in India. The phone was ringing but no one was picking it up. Every ring brought a wave of gloom in Dimple’s heart. At last, Sunil’s mother picked up the phone. She told Dimple that Sunil had reached Canada safely. He has called her at least two hours ago. Dimple disconnected the phone with her now moist eyes still looking for him.

   Several questions started to hit her mind. Has Sunil duped her? Were her parents’ apprehensions regarding Sunil true? Tears started rolling from her eyes. She felt short of breath. Dimple started to move her wheelchair with ferocity towards the taxi stand. She took a taxi for her home. She was left with only hope of finding her husband, Sunil at home. She thought that Sunil have wanted to give her a surprise. All her hopes were dashed to ground on reaching home. There was no sign of any human activity .Just Dimple and her loneliness. She started to wail. She understood that Sunil had duped her for Canadian citizenship. She wanted to betray her inner voice but everything was clear to be contrary.

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