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Dragon's Quest by Cyci Cade @SDSXXTours @cycicade

By Lauriej
Dragon's Quest by Cyci Cade  @SDSXXTours @cycicade
Dragon's Quest by Cyci Cade  @SDSXXTours @cycicade
Dragon's Quest by Cyci Cade  @SDSXXTours @cycicade
Dragon's QuestDragon Princes Book 1by Cyci CadeGenre: FantasyDragon's Quest by Cyci Cade  @SDSXXTours @cycicade
Three lives separated by time and land, connected by curse.  Two   princes   from   the   Dragon ́s   Dynasty,   Liu   and   Wei,   are   cursed   and condemned  to  live  as  dragons.  After  two  centuries  their  fate  changes  when Kate  appears  in  their  lives  and  they  are  able  to  return  to their  human  form. However, the curse isn ́t broken yet.  To break the curse, the princes must recover the eyes and heart of the Great Dragon.  As  Liu,  Wei,  and  Kate  embark  on  a  journey  to  the Palace  of  Jade  in search  of  the  first  eye,  they ́ll  have  to  face  mythological  creatures  and immortal  warriors.  They ́ll  have  to  face  death  too,  and  prove  that  they  are honorable men to save Kate ́s life.  They ́ll   be   tested   as   never   before.   They ́ll   discover   feelings they   never imagined existed. They ́ll have to fight like wild warriors.A curse can be broken... But at what cost?

**Releases Feb 15th, 2017!!**Goodreads    AmazonDragon's Quest by Cyci Cade  @SDSXXTours @cycicade

Dragon's Quest by Cyci Cade  @SDSXXTours @cycicadeI´m Cyci Cade and I write urban fantasy and fiction novels for young adult.I´ll never forget the first time I wrote a story; I was in fifth grade. That experience enchanted me. What should be an insignificant composition became a four pages flash story. My teacher didn´t like it very much, but who cared? She did.Well, I had to shorten my compositions. However, it didn´t discourage me; on the contrary, it made me try harder. I like a good challenge. I like to try new things; some of them don´t work as I expect, but it doesn´t matter. I always learn new things.I started writing articles for magazines, newspapers, and blogs. I wrote my first book in 2010 and published it in 2012. It was so amazing that I didn´t stop anymore. Writing makes me happy.I have received 5 stars reviews from professional websites, and remarkable comments that have encouraged me.During my free time, I like reading, watching TV series, and movies.I live in Brazil and I have a cat named Angel. I love cats too.Welcome to my world!Author blog: page:
Dragon's Quest by Cyci Cade  @SDSXXTours @cycicade
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Dragon's Quest by Cyci Cade  @SDSXXTours @cycicade

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