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Dr. Ted’s Musical Marvels in Dale, Indiana

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

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Dale, Indiana: Dr. Ted's Musical Marvels

Dale, Indiana: Dr. Ted's Musical Marvels

Dale, Indiana

little Indiana and family certainly counted in that group–and what a surprise we found in this DuBois County museum!

Dr. Ted’s Musical Marvels in Dale, Indiana

The nice ladies at Dr. Ted’s Musical Marvels have said that many people don’t know that they are here, or if they do, they think they are a music shop!

I guess they had one guy come in for a new set of guitar strings. He was surprised to learn that rather than possessing musical accessories, this unique Indiana attraction actually holds large musical instruments like calliopes, player pianos, orchestrions, and street pianos!

Dr. Ted’s Musical Marvels is the personal collection of Dr. Ted, an honest-to-goodness doctor at the hospital down the street who just happens to have a thing for these musical relics.

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Dale, Indiana: Dr. Ted's Musical Marvels Working Orchestrion

Dale, Indiana: Dr. Ted's Musical Marvels Working Orchestrion

It’s not every day that you see a player piano–let alone hear one play! At Dr. Ted’s, you don’t just walk around looking at the large range of mechanical musical instruments, you get to hear them!

In other words: they don’t just sit there and look pretty.

We got to this Indiana town later than planned (sorry about that!) and so weren’t able to have the whole tour because of another incoming group.

But, we were invited to go through it again!

Orchestrions, Organs, and a Calliope–Oh My!

The kids both wanted to stay and listen all over again–so that’s just what we did!

The tour takes about an hour. You will hear music from the smallest music box to the ginormous orchestrion, a Belgium dance hall relic.

Dr. Ted’s is open to groups of 15 of more. Please call ahead. I can’t think of a better way to spend an hour.

Watch little Indiana Meets Dr. Ted’s Musical Marvels (and does the Chicken Dance) on YouTube or below!

Find Dr. Ted’s images and other pictures in Indiana on my Flickr photostream.

Dr. Ted’s Musical Marvels
11896 S US 231
Dale, Indiana 47523

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Thanks to Josh, Jessica, and Whitney for arranging our time at this great Dubois County attraction! Special thanks to Millie and her helpers for their warm welcome!

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