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Dr. Dobson Calls Obama the Abortion President

By Eowyn @DrEowyn



Tells Megan Kelly, ‘People who were there were with me 100%’




Family Talk Radio founder James Dobson, one of the most respected advisers to Christian families in America, Thursday night rejected a question from Fox News’ Megan Kelly that his description of Barack Obama as the “abortion president” at the National Day of Prayer was inappropriate.

“The people who were there were with me 100 percent,” he told Kelly during her primetime television show.

She had raised the issue that U.S. Rep. Janice Hahn, a Democrat from California, had walked out of the event during Dobson’s address, and then claimed she was upset because it was supposed to be “a nonpartisan day of unity” and that Dobson “behaved inappropriately by going after the president.”

Hahn told the Huffington Post, “He goes on about health care and … providing abortions, and at that point I stood up and I pointed my finger at Dr. Dobson and I said, ‘This is inappropriate!’ and walked out.”

She said, “Dobson just blew a hole into this idea of being a nonpartisan National Day of Prayer. It was very disturbing to me … and really a shame. James Dobson hijacked the National Day of Prayer – this nonpartisan, nonpolitical National Day of Prayer – to promote his own distorted political agenda.”

Here are Dobson’s comments Thursday:

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