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Double Your Nail Polish With @SallyHansen Big Matte Top Coat

By Girlratesworld @girlratesworld
Double Your Nail Polish With @SallyHansen Big Matte Top Coat

10 bottles of nail polish sounds great.

But 20 bottles of nail polish sounds….. Let’s see. Ah-mazing!

Some will understand that poli-logic. Most being my fellow nail polish geeks. But I’m sure everyone gets the logic of doubling something for nearly nothing.

I know. Probably sounds a bit scandalous, right? But it’s not. Size doesn’t matter but textures do.

Matte + Shiny = Nail Polish x 2

Sally Hansen has given us a way to double our investment {or is it ROI?} on our nail polish! They are Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat and Sally Hansen Big Shiny Top Coat.

These two newbies retail for about $5 each. With them you can transform any regular polish to matte …and any matte nail polish to shiny! An amazing price for a product that will double your nail polish stash within a matter of strokes.

You can also create any of those pimped-out,  fancy celebrity manicures on your own. No more drooling over them in pinterest.

Go 2-For-1 With Textures

Most times a miraculous new shade is created by simply changing the finish of your nail polish. Essentially giving you 2-for-1. I adore products like these and constantly seek them out. Any time I can save money and re-purpose my beauty products – heck, I’m ALL over it. Thank you Sally Hansen. You’re definitely a girl who understands poli-logic.

What type of gal are you? (1) Meek and Matte? (2)Shiny and Chic? or (3)Equal Opp Nail Polish Wearer who loves both? Be sure to let me know in the comments below. As for me…I’m definitely an equal opp nail polisher! XOXO

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