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Double Your Batting Practice Productivity

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

One major challenge in practice is how to move everyone through a batting practice session smoothly and quickly so you don’t have one guy hitting and everyone else just standing around.  There are several ways to address this and often it involves doing your BP in a batting cage off the field so that the field area can be utilized for other drills at the same time

If you are not able to do this (no batting cage) or just don’t want to, here is another option …


Structuring batting practice as shown in the photo allows you to move BP in half the time since two guys are hitting at once.  The coaches just alternate pitches (or tosses in this case) so the players out on the field do not have to worry about two balls being hit at them at the same time.  

As shown in the photo, coaches can do an underhand short-toss to both hitters or they can stand behind separate L-screens and throw overhand.  The advantages of underhand short-toss are 1) coaches can share a screen (like the photo), 2) the throw is shorter which can improve accuracy with less stress on the coaches’ arms, and 3) the quicker pace keeps batters’ focus sharp.  The one challenge with this is that the coach on the left needs to toss with his left hand.  Obviously, this would be made easier if the person is left handed but with a little practice, the coach will get the hang of it.

Another note:  In the photo, one hitter is left-handed and the other is a righty.  Try to keep all lefties on that same side to avoid the problem of hitting the screen on the swing.  If two righties or two lefties hit at the same time, you may need to move them a bit so swings to not contact the separating net.

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